How to create a blog

How to create a blog ? (English version)

On this rainy Saturday, I meet you again to talk about a new topic on my blog : blogging. As I went through the articles here and there, I thought that this category might be interesting for you.


When you want to create a blog, we are all a bit lost. Which site choose to create it? A domain, a hosting, what is it? Sign up on social media, why? At the beginning, we ask ourself a lot of questions and, we don’t necessarily find the answers easily on the Internet. While browsing other blogs, I realized that many influencers didn’t fully reveal their « secrets » to gain visibility or make themselves known, which I found too bad. There little tricks can be a boost for many people. Today, the blogosphere is a rather clogged area and it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. That’s why I wanted to share with you my first experience in this new universe.

Which platform used to create a blog ?

The only two platforms I know to create a blog are Blogger and WordPress. Looking at the Youtube videos of some bloggers, the WordPress platform was the most recommended. Personally, I don’t know Blogger at all. By researching, I discovered that the Youtuber Zoella had started her blog on Blogger but in one of her first videos, she advised against it. Out of curiosity, I went to see what Blogger looked like but I didn’t really like the look of the site. 


For me, WordPress was more suitable for the blog I wanted to create. In addition, during my 2nd year in Information and Communication at the university, I had the opportunity to create a site on this platform and it wasn’t unknown to me.

The first method to create a blog on WordPress is to go directly on and create an account with your email address. I advise you to create a specific email address for your blog that will have the same name. I created mine on Gmail.

Once your account is created, you can now decide which theme you will use for your blog. Several free themes are offered.


The advantage of this alternative is that it’s totally free. Paid plans are offered to you but nothing obliges you to subscribe to one of theme because the free plan is very complete. The only downside, if I can say that, is that on your site’s URL, your blog name will be followed by « » because you didn’t buy a domain name.

The second method to create a WordPress blog is to visit a site that allows you to buy a domain. You can then choose the specific name you want to give to your blog. I advise this alternative to people who have the goal of creating an e-commerce on their blog or who want their blog to become their working tool because it is useless to pay for a domain if your blog is just a hobby.

One & One is the hosting provider I chose to create my domain name. This site offers you to pay 1.20€/month for one year then 12€/month from the following year. I don’t find that the price of this hosting provider is excessive, quite the contrary.

Thanks to this method, you will have a domain name that belongs to you and you can directly create your blog on, which will allow you to install free extensions and make your site a little more aesthetic.


Indispensable extensions

That’s it, you created your site. Now you have to format it and create articles but first, you need to install the extensions.

On my website, I didn’t install many extensions : Elementor, Jetpack, Google Analytics and Yoas SEO.

Elementor allows to make a more professional layout, I find, of your article.

Jetpack simply serves you to consult the statistics of your blog and links it to to have more accurate statistics like « When and which day of the week to publish your article ? »

Google Analytics also allows yo to consult the statistics of your site but more specifically its referencing on Google.

Yoast SEO is an extension that references your site on Google. It facilitates the visibility of your blog on the Internet.



Here we go, this article is finished. I hope it could help you with this first step of creating your blog. In the next article special Blogging, I will explain how to create your site from A to Z on WordPress : choice of theme, creation of articles, logo, etc.

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